Got Questions About Propane? The Propane Guy has the Answers!

Questions About Propane Tanks

What sizes do propane tanks come in? How do I know what size I need?

The Propane Guy sells and installs the following sizes of propane tanks:

  • 105 gal. (also known as 420 lb.) State regulations allow these tanks to be placed less than 10 feet from a building. (Larger size tanks must be installed farther than 10 feet from any building.)
  • 250 gal. This is probably the most popular size. Propane tanks 250 gallons and above can be installed either above ground or underground.
  • 500 gal.
  • 1000 gal.

The size propane tank that you need is based mostly upon how many propane-powered appliances you are running and the size of the home or other building, and if you are using propane for heat. We can help you choose an appropriate size.

Questions About Propane Use